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Winco Foods

City: Boise

State: ID

Size of Project: 796,000 SF

Completion Date: September 2009

Project Type: Plan and Spec

Details: New Refrigerated Distribution Center Warehouse

Key Tasks:

(1) 4000 Amp, (1) 3000 Amp & (1) 2500 Amp Main Switchboards, (1) 900 KW, (1) 500 KW and (1) 80 KW generator with ATS’s, MCC’s, Distribution Equipment, (3) 529 HP & (2) 335 HP Compressor Hookups,  (2) 80 HP Condensing Tower Hookups, Evaporator Hookups, RMAU Hookups, Refrigeration Control Wiring, Boiler Hookups,  HVAC Hookups, Florescent Interior Lighting,  Metal Halide Site Lighting, High Speed Door hookups, Dock Commander Hookups, Battery Charging Hookups, Fire Alarm System, 30,000 SF Office Electrical Finish,  Maintenance Building Electrical Finish, Truck Return Building Electrical Finish, Fire Pumphouse Electrical Finish, Fuel Station Hookups, Truck Block Heater Stantions, Reefer Trailer Hookups, Paging System, & Data/Telephone/Security System Rough-in.

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